We offer a wide variety of pressure washing services from pressure washing of an entire house to restoring that old deck or waterproofing/staining that brand new deck or fence.

1. Homes:  We use a unique low impact pressure wash on all of our homes. It is safe on painted surfaces and all siding (even stucco) and works without causing any damage.  I've heard all the horror stories from homeowners about other contractors. From blasting the paint off their house to water shooting through their windows.  Therefore we use an effective, gentle wash. It's guaranteed to remove all the mold/midew, dirt, dust, cobwebs, pollen, ect. We recommend that you have your house pressure washed at least once every year. It's an inexpensive way to extend the life of your paint as well as keep the cleanest, nicest looking house in your neighborhood.

2. Decks/Fences:  The most important thing for a newly built
deck/fence is to pressure wash, waterproof or stain it immediately. Unprotected wood can turn gray from weathering and sun damage within a few months. Decks and fences are expensive to build. Although, you should not forget to protect your investment. Sealing and/or staining will prevent it from warping, drying out, splintering, etc.  If you have waited too long, we have a solution for that as well. We can restore your deck/fence, bringing it back to the natural beauty of the wood. It starts with pressure washing, followed by applying a clear sealant or top grade stain (in your choice of color). Most stains will last about 3 years. After that, you will need a light cleaning done and a fresh coat of seal or stain applied. Then you will be good to go for several more years. Keeping your deck protected and looking great is routine maintenance, just like anything else that you own.

3. Driveways:  Make that old driveway look new again by having it pressure washed.  See amazing results after this inexpensive service. Great way to enhance the appearence of your home.

Other services: roofs, patios, walkways, brick, pressure washing of almost any exterior surface.

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